Blind stamping of leather commercial items: wallets, diaries, key tags/


Blind stamping

We make „blind“ embossing, first of all into leather and similar materials. They can be for instance wallets, leather wrappers, key tags, desk diaries etc.

To implement the printing with this technology first of all there is a need to generate a stamping die with the shape of the logo motive. The material, which the stamping die is made from, is good thermal conductive. The completion of the stamping die is quite expensive,however its advantage is high lifespan and unlimited application period. Stamping die is made by hand or machinely from brass. After the stamping die is gripped into the embossing machine, it will be heated up to the required temperature and then the motive will be stamped into the commercial item.

Impression of the logo can be produced without the foil – embossing. As a result there will be a fine, high-contrast embossment of the logo on the commercial item’s surface. As a result of impression with foil included will be an expressive embossment mostly in a golden, silver perhaps even in a blue presentation.

Blind stamping Blind stamping Blind stamping